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The tutorial unit (Masterfield Tutors) is established to provide high quality professional training in accounting and banking & finance to students preparing for the professional examinations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN).


The vision of Masterfield Tutors is “to be the foremost tuition house in accounting, banking & finance education.” Its mission is “to provide quality seamless financial education that will enable the development of well-grounded financial manpower for the nation through the provision of high quality professional education in the fields of accounting and banking & finance.”


Core Business
The core business of Masterfield Tutors is the development and provision of quality professional financial education in the fields of Accounting and Banking & Finance leading to professional qualifications of ACA (Associate of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria), AATWA (Associate Accounting Technician - West Africa) and ACIB (Associate of Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria).


Competitive Advantage
We offer regular classroom examination preparatory lectures in a conducive environment and assurance of qualified and passionate instructors and supervisors whose only concern is the success of students.


In addition, we offer ‘private tuition’ examinations preparation which is tailored to the needs of those who lack the time to attend our regular classroom lectures. This could be at the homes or offices or any other location (in so far as such is conducive to effective learning) of students.


Whichever option a student opts for, our key driving motivator is to have our students achieve success at the examinations.


Products and Services
Masterfield Tutors provide tutorial services for potential associates of ICAN and CIBN in line with ICAN and CIBN organized professional examinations as follows:


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria – ICAN


Professional Examinations:


A1. Quantitative Techniques in Business (QTB)
A2. Business and Finance (BF)
A3. Financial Accounting (FA)
A4. Management Information (MI)
A5. Business Law (BL)


B1. Financial Reporting (FR)
B2. Audit and Assurance (AAS)
B3. Taxation (TAX)
B4. Performance Management (PM)
B5. Public Sector Accounting and Finance (PSAF)
B6. Management, Governance and Ethics (MGE) 

C1. Corporate Reporting (CR)
C2. Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)
C3. Strategic Financial Management (SFM)
C4. Advanced Taxation (ATAX)
C5. Case Study (CS)


Accounting Technicians Scheme – West Africa (ATSWA)         


1.1       Basic Accounting Processes and Systems
1.2       Economics
1.3       Business Law
1.4       Communication Skills
2.1       Principles and Practice of Financial Accounting   
2.2       Public Sector Accounting
2.3       Quantitative Analysis
2.4       Information Technology 
3.1       Principles of Auditing
3.2       Cost Accounting   
3.3       Preparing Tax Computations and Returns
3.4       Management


Association of Chatered Certified Accountants - ACCA         




F1        Accountants in Business

F2        Management Accounting

F3        Financial Accounting



F4        Corporate and Business Law

F5        Performance Management

F6        Taxation

F7        Financial Reporting

F8        Audit and Assurance

F9        Financial Management




P1        Governance, Risk and Ethics

P2        Corporate Reporting

P3        Business Analysis


Options (two to be completed)

P4        Advanced Financial Management

P5        Advanced Performance Management

P6        Advanced Taxation

P7        Advanced Audit and Assurance


The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria – CIBN 


Professional Examinations:


1.1       Elements of Banking
1.2       Basic Economics
1.3       Accounting and Business Finance
1.4       Business Law
1.5       Fundamentals of Marketing
1.6       Information and Communication Technology
1.7       Quantitative Techniques
1.8       Business Communication Skills

2.1       Financial Economics
2.2       Financial and Management Accounting
2.3       Marketing of Financial Services
2.4       International Trade and Finance
2.5       Strategic Management, and Leadership
2.6       Corporate Financial Management

(Core Subjects – to take all)
3.1       Banking Law, Ethics and Corporate Governance,
3.2       Bank Lending and Credit Administration,
3.3       Management of Financial Institutions and
3.4       Practice of Banking.


(Elective Subjects – to choose anyone)
3.5       Financial Planning and Control  
3.6       Treasury Management
3.7       Human Capital Management   
3.8       Banking Regulation and Supervision
3.9       Principles and Practice of Risk Management    


Our services are available to potential associates of ICAN, ACCA and CIBN at our location and at special locations of students. Masterfield Tutors will also explore online delivery channels for those candidates who will be unable to benefit from classroom or home/office lectures. This will come on stream soon.